Masters 2022! CBD a Game Changer!


a man taking a golf swing with a beautiful sunset in the background.


Masters Week! CBD a Game Changer

April 7-10, 2022

It’s Masters Week 2022! Are you getting excited about playing golf again? I know I am! I can’t believe Tiger is going to play this year! Are you getting fired up about playing, but are arthritis, muscle spasms, back, shoulders, joints, elbows, hands, and feet issues getting in your way? Are the uncomfortable nagging pains and inflammation keeping you from the game? CBD Wild Leaf™ has the perfect topical CBD product for golfers and athletes! We have developed a topical lotion and packaged it in a roll-on for golfers and other athletes, as you do not have to apply it with your hands. Our CBD contains zero % THC! The easy-to-apply roll-on lets you spread the lotion anywhere you need Releaf (Relief) without a mess! Many golfers and athletes are turning to CBD. Phil Mickelson and other golfers and athletes (soccer players, boxers, runners, swimmers, basketball players, baseball players, and football players) use CBD and promote it! In addition to the topicals, you should consider the tinctures to add CBD to your body. CBD Wild Leaf™ tinctures are critical to providing CBD to our bodies as our bodies do not produce enough. Think of it as a supplement. Just as your body needs iron, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients, it also needs CBD!

Numerous companies are selling CBD, but not all CBD is the same. Therefore, it is essential to know the source of the CBD, where it was grown, the extraction method, and whether it has been third-party tested for the number of ingredients in the product. Why is this important? Most companies do not spend the extra time and money on trying and buying inexpensive CBD grown outside the US and Canada overseas, containing toxins, poisons, and heavy metals. Cannabis plants quickly absorb toxins, poisons, and heavy metals from the soil. The testing provides you with the quality and the exact amount of CBD in your products. CBD Wild Leaf™ takes the time and spends the money to test all our products to ensure that what is on the label is in your product. Therefore, Certificates of Authenticity (COA) must be posted online on the product labels. CBD Wild Leaf™ publishes all of our certificates in the QR codes on our product packaging and website!

CBD Wild Leaf™ Freze Releaf uses CBD from cannabis grown in Colorado and manufactured in Texas. In addition to the topical CBD roll-on and pump, we have tinctures, sleep aids, headache roll-on, acne lotion, the very popular Delta 8 THC, CBD Gummies, and CBD Dog Treats! To ensure quality, our CBD is tested twice by third-party labs. The first test is taken after the extraction and after product packaging to confirm the amount on the label is what is in the bottle! The extracting company tests the first COA for CBD and THC content and toxins, poisons, and heavy metals. The second time CBD Wild Leaf™ tests it after the product is packaged to ensure it contains the amount posted on the label.

In conclusion

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